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Online Database

1) TDTU Library  - SFX

TDTU Library - SFX is an academic database that provides access to open resources from publishers and universities around the world. More than 200 database packages have been activated to access and exploit more than 45,000 e-books, more than 150,000 journals, and billions of articles.

In addition, the database also offers powerful research support features, including the BX Hot Articles Service; References to related materials with "Citation", "Cited by" and "Expand recommendations"; Individual Research Management; save queries and alert; create citation with international styles; assess the quality of the articles through the Al-metric indicators; metalib.

Distribution method: Subscription

How to register: Contact us via Email: or via Phone: (028) 37 755 057 and Press no. 4.


2) Vietnam Corporate Finance Database

Vietnam Corporate Finance Database is a collection of statistical data related to management, finance, accounting of nearly 750 companies appearing on the stock market of Vietnam. The database provides useful statistical data for researchers in the field of economics and social sciences in Vietnam.

Distribution method:

1. Subjects of application:

- Full-time academic staff of TDTU;

- Students of TDTU;

- Others, with the consent of the President.

2. Requirements for users:

- For full-time academic staff of TDTU: must be verified by the Head of Department/Faculty;

- For students of TDTU: must be verified by lecturer/instructor and the Head of Faculty.

3. Data distribution policy:

- Number of requests: Maximum 5 requirements/month/user

- Data distribution: 

•    Number of companies: No more than 200 companies/requirement

•    Number of variables: No more than 30 variables/requirement 

•    Duration: No more than 10 years/requirement

•    Type of databases: 1 type of database/requirement (Administrative data/ Financial data/ Securities Exchange data)

•    Data will be stored with file format: *.csv

•    Data distribution unit: RAIC (6th Floor – Inspire Library)

Note: Detailed information about the set of data to be distributed in 2019-2020 has been described in detail on the Library and RAIC Website.

Subscription Fee: Free for the 2019-2020 school year (from August 1st, 2019 to July 31st, 2020).

How to register: Contact us via Email: or via Phone: (028) 37 755 057 and Press no. 4.

Official website: