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Similarity checking for research publication


Similarity checking service is for checking and detecting the similarity rate in the scientific publication between the checking product and the previously published scientific works with iThenticate tool, developed by Turnitin (USA). The iThenticate database currently has more than 60 billion web pages, 155 million content items, including 49 million works from 800 publishers of CrossRef Similarity Check. iThenticate is also being implemented for more than 80% of journals in the ISI database.

Conditions for checked documents: 

+ Documents to check must be in the form of electronic documents, including Word, Text, PostScript, PDF, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Perfect WPD, OpenOffice ODT, RTF, Hangul HWP.
+ Document must contain at least 20 words in text format.
+ File must be less than 100Mb; the maximum document length is 400 pages and 25,000 words.
+ File must not exceed 2Mb of raw text, and must contain at least 20 words of text
If the size and length of the document exceeds the specified limit, it will be counted as many requirements depending on the actual document.
+ Please note that the submitted revision paper must be based on the existing document and be no less than 60% similar to the previous submission in order for it to be considered a revision. Otherwise, the system will not allow you to upload the document as a revision and an error -904 may be displayed.  Any more than a 40% difference between the current submission and the revised document will require you to use or purchase additional paper credits to submit the document as a new submission.

Fee: (VAT is not included)

- For TDTU member: 200,000 VNĐ (9 USD or 7 EUR) per 01 submission (with 2 times of re-checks). 

- For Non-TDTU member: 600,000 VNĐ (26 USD or 21 EUR) per 01 submission (with 2 times of re-check).

- Your chosen foreign currencies will be exchanged at the current spot rate.

How to register: Contact us via email or via Phone: (028) 37 755 057 and Press no.4