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Associations of Vietnam’s Universities and Colleges (AVUC) paid a visit and worked

On the morning of 28 Feb 2019, the Associations of Vietnam’s Universities and Colleges (AVUC) visited and worked with Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). The delegation includes Prof. Trần Hồng Quân, Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Trần Xuân Nhĩ and Assoc. Prof. Phan Quang Trung, Deputy Chairman along with the standing members, leaders of affiliated organizations and some university leaders.

The delegation had a tour of the whole TDTU campus from Sports Complex, Dormitory, Creative Building, Foreign Language Building to the Inspire Library. During the trip, the leaders of the units at TDTU gave a thorough explanation of history, tradition, culture, and especially the effective governance model of TDTU. During the work, Prof. Lê Vinh Danh, TDTU’s President and Mrs. Trịnh Minh Huyền, President’s Assistant presented the dedication, motivation and mechanism to create the first, most effective and successful autonomous public university in Vietnam. 

“I have come here many times, but I have many emotions each time. Especially this time, when listening carefully and clarifying more about TDTU, I have found that the autonomy model at TDTU is worth studying and disseminating experience to other schools, especially in the context of the whole country determined to expand this model of public autonomy like this,” Prof. Trần Hồng Quân, AVUC Chairman stated.

Some photos of the visit and work:








Delegates of Associations of Vietnam’s Universities and Colleges visiting the Inspire Library


Mrs Trịnh Minh Huyền, TDTU’s President’s Assistant introducing the tertiary governance model


Prof. Lê Vinh Danh, TDTU’s President talking about the motivation and university autonomy mechanism






Association leaders expressing their feelings and appreciation to TDTU's autonomy model




TDTU presenting gifts and taking photos with the delegation